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Editing Services

Writing LitRPG and GameLit is hard.There's stats to track, characters to level, world-defining systems to build, and damage to be calculated. You've nailed that part. But you still need to do all the other stuff, too, like keeping your pacing fast and your characters on point. Not to mention using the right words (and spelling them correctly).That's where I come in.

Multi-Class Special (New!)

Want it all? And want it now?The Multi-Class Special is a LitRPG and GameLit exclusive offer - it includes developmental editing, copy editing, and beta reader feedback.A finished manuscript is required.This package includes in-line comments for character and plot development; edits through Tracked Changes and comments for pacing, word choice, spelling, etc.; and general comments on feeling and polish, as well as any sensitivity readership needs.Please note: the Multi-Class Special offering does not include line editing/proofreading.

The Multi-Class Special is provided at reduced rate of $10 per 1,000 words (0.01/word).Note: this is an introductory rate and will increase shortly.


Developmental editing requires a finished manuscript.I'll read your work and provide an in-depth, chapter-by-chapter edit, focusing on the standard plot holes and characterization issues, as well as unclear system mechanics and pacing problems.Comments will be provided in the document, as well as a minimum 1,000 word breakdown of overall feedback.This type of editing will not include any typo corrections or grammatical fixes, unless they are provided as a broad comments.

Developmental edits are provided at a rate of $10 per 1,000 words (0.01/word)Note: this is an introductory rate and will increase shortly.


Copy editing requires a finished manuscript.I'll read your work looking for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and typos. Word choices and sentence structure/pacing are reviewed as well.My comments will be provided through comments (as well as Tracked Changes) to help you know exactly what change is needed and why.Please note: this type of editing should happen after developmental edits but before proofreading; 95% accuracy is the industry standard.

Copy editing is provided at rate of $8 per 1,000 words (0.008/word).Note: this is an introductory rate and will increase shortly.

Other Services

Looking for someone to bounce ideas off?Need help expanding your standalone book into an epic series?Want game/system development help?Maybe someone to look over potentially sensitive matter and make sure you aren't sounding like a jerk? These services are for you.


Pre-Development edits are all about getting the kinks of our your story before you start writing the first draft.Need a second opinion on a stat system? Not sure your idea is high-concept enough? Feel like something is off about the story but aren't sure what?Let's chat.(Note: a finished manuscript is not required for this service.)

Pre-development services are provided on an hourly basis due to variance in time requirements.Contact for more info.

Beta Reading

Beta reading requires a finished manuscript that has been copy edited.I'll read your finished book and provide comments on overall feeling and polish, as well as provide a review, if requested. Feedback will be provided using a template of my design, unless you would rather I use your template.I can provide feedback as a sensitivity reader for LGBTQA+ content, as well as mental-health topics such as depression, anxiety, and behavioral disabilities. This includes polyam/harem relationships.

Beta reading is provided at rate of $5 per 10,000 words (0.0005/word).Note: this is an introductory rate and will increase shortly.


Eric Ugland
Good Guys | Bad Guys

Pre-Development, Copy Editing, Beta Reading

"Kris is an amazing storyteller in their own right, and they are able to bring their expertise in fantasy/scifi to bear either an editor or a beta reader. They are sensitive the creative process and understand how to work with an author to get the best story possible without losing sight of the initial creative vision. I have used Kris as a beta reader, a developmental editor, and a sounding board, and have had nothing but the best experience with them."

Alex Raizman
Dinosaur Dungeon

Multi-Class Special (Developmental, Copy Editing, Beta Reading), Pre-Development

"Working with Kris has been great. They clearly know their stuff, and they caught so many errors I would have missed. On top of that, their high level commentary on my story structure has been a huge benefit and lead to some major improvements in my books beyond the line-by-line stuff. Absolutely phenomenal editor."

Robert Keene
Multiple Series

Pre-Development, Developmental, Copy Editing

"Kris's services have been essential at every step of every production. I wouldn't feel comfortable charging readers a dime for anything I wrote that they didn't edit afterwards."

I'm Kris Och

During the day, I'm a Proposal Coordinator for an education company. I read and write technical documents, create proposals for products, and sit in a lot of meetings.But when the sun goes down, that's when the fun starts.I've provided editing services for books covering well over 3 million words in the Fantasy and LitRPG/GameLit genres. My beta reading has been key for books over dozens of genres, and I am constantly called upon by repeated clients to polish and prettify their prose.Alliteration not included.I'm also an avid gamer. I play MMORPGs (currently FFXI, but in the past PSO2, FFXIV, WoW, and ESO) as well as single-player games in various genres. I enjoy everything from city builders, to resource management simulators, to 4X style games; RPGs and choose-your-own-adventure types; and crafting/building/survival games, even ones that border on horror. I've even played ARPGs and MOBAs.If your LitRPG/GameLit is inspired by a particular game, chances are I'll read it.In all the copious amounts of time I'm not doing the above, I also read. My favorites in the genre are Eric Ugland's Good Guys and Bad Guys series, Tao Wong's System Apocalypse series, and Dawn Chapman's Puatera Online. I also always insta-buy anything from Alex Raizman, Travis Bagwell, James Osiris Baldwin, and Dakota Krout. If you're looking for recommendations, I've got plenty besides just these!I'm also a fan of horror, pure fantasy, and thriller novels. There's even a place in my heart for steampunk, romance, and urban fantasy.In other words? I read. A lot. And I decided to dig my toes in here because it's my favorite.

What I Won't Read

I reserve the right to decline to provide services to any author, or on any book, at my discretion. Sometimes it will be because of timing, but other times it will be content related.Here is a brief list of topics I do not wish to read:- Rape scenes or scenes with incredibly questionable consent (dubcon/dubious consent will be decided on a manuscript-by-manuscript basis)
- Hateful or racist speech (including LGBTQA+ slurs, overly ableist language, and more)
- Excessive sex scenes [Note: this does not mean I won't read erotica/harem, but I firmly (heh) believe sex scenes should provide a purpose other than just to titillate the reader]


Looking to book services?Have a question about the offerings?Fill out the form below and I'll contact you for additional information. Typical response time is within 10 hours, since time zones are a thing.In your message, please include some basic information about the project, as well as estimated delivery needs.

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